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september 29, 2013

Update - Why I am not posting

I am still here. But we put most energy into making youtube videos and I don't think I have to blog about the same games I make videos of.
We have also translated a lot of stuff in our webshop to English so that we hope the entire world can order. We  sell many interesting items there, such as modified consoles and flashed famicom games. Can also make repros.
I will keep making updates here on interesting stuff but maybe not on games.

september 17, 2013

Sega Saturn mouse

I have some Saturn mice for sale...

95 SEK loose, and 195 SEK boxed.

The mouse is compatibel with a bunch of games. The best list of compatible games seems to be: http://www.sega-saturn.net/mouse.htm
I don't know if all regions of a game supported the mouse though...

Personally it is my preferred way of playing Virtua Cop 2. I don't even suck at the game with the mouse (unlike the lightgun or the normal controller). I made a video of me playing.

september 12, 2013

Neo-Fami clone with video

A while ago I sold the Neo Fami clone. (finally)
A Neo Fami was the first famicom system, before I was able to get AV-modded famicoms and then the twin famicom I currently have. I don't need a Twin Famicom really, but I keep it because it is a turbo model with one controller not working.

Here is the Neo Fami. It comes in different colors.

I still have a golden limited edition (numbered!) I bought 2 years ago.

It was cheap. I keep it because no one would pay for it anyways.

The controllers have a "slow" button that pauses the game at very high rate. As I was trying it out, the slow function broke and now it can't be used.  It is such a stupid function anyways. The turbo button is much more useful.

I made a video of gameplay with the neo-fami. The colors are a bit off sometimes, and the sound is not what one is used to, but as you see it works perfectly acceptable.

After I played the first test games I got stuck on Mickey Mouse... Such an annoying but strangely cool game. If you are two player, one will control Minny. That's fun.

I remember that I had one or two games that wouldn't run on the Neo Fami. One of them was some racing game I forgot which one. But a game like Castlevania III worked with no problem.

september 07, 2013

Using NTSC controller on PAL SNES

Not all PAL SNES can use NTSC controllers, because of a hardware lockout. The mod for this is easy (5 minutes for a skilled modder) but not everyone does those sort of things... So I have a new idea, to sell the NTSC controller ports from my junk consoles.

Buy one of these for a few dollars (35 SEK) and you should be able to use NTSC controllers with no problem. Installation only requires a gamebit to open the console...

september 01, 2013

PsOne with LCD screen

I have never played the Playstation, eventhough I sell it. One reason is because I think the console is so ugly looking.

But I finally found a good way to enjoy PS1: A PsOne with LCD screen.

This thing is pretty amazing.

A crystal clear screen and a sound superior to my TV. It is Sony after all, they make good loudspeakers.

I have already sold it for 695 SEK (100$, including 25% VAT).

I prefer games that aren't complicated, and I played Choro Q (also known as Penny Racers) for an hour on the PsOne. It was fun at first, but I soon felt that the game hardly gave any variation. I recorded some footage, but the composite picture with the standard RCA cables looked so terrible compared to the LCD screen that I won't bother uploading it.

I still prefer the Saturn though. I think it has more character. The PS1 had so many games, and so many RPGs and adventure games, I don't know where to start.

This was my first PS1 post.